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Hack-Proof Your Life Now Book
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Sean M. Bailey and Devin Kropp will show you how to measure your cybersecurity score and then teach you to quickly boost it. They introduce you to the New Cybersecurity Rules, important actions to take in three areas: adding more secrecy to your online life (such as a banking-only email address that hackers won’t likely discover), becoming omniscient over your financial affairs (so you can block identity theft and instantly spot fraud), and adopting principles of mindfulness to stay safe every day (such as using the 10-Second EMAIL Rule to spot dangerous blackmail spam).




Hack-Proof Your Life Now Book


  • Why you need a secret email address, page 15
  • EVERY parent with minors must do this, page 72
  • How to beat the password paradox, page 20
  • Spot malware with the 10-second EMAIL rule, page 107
  • The danger of free public Wi-Fi, page 35
  • Do this and never pay ransom to hackers, page 102
  • One move shuts down most identity theft, page 67
  • NEVER do this on public Wi-Fi, page 35
  • One action blocks hackers from your bank accounts, page 26
  • How to spot ATM fraud, page 77
  • The truth about LifeLock, page 120


Sean Bailey


Sean is the founding editor in chief of Horsesmouth, a New York-based company that creates educational programs on retirement planning, Social Security, Medicare, college planning, and cybersecurity for industry professionals from top firms including Ameriprise, LPL, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Northwestern, Raymond James, and UBS. He pioneered computer-assisted reporting in the late 1980s, along with his colleagues at the News & Observer of Raleigh, using public-record data to probe government programs. Sean was honored by the North Carolina Press Association for his investigative reporting, covering local politics and white-collar crime. He was an early promoter of the Internet in the 1990s and led a national conference series for the Philanthropy Journal teaching nonprofits about technology, building websites, and raising money online. Sean’s interest in fraud started as a college journalist in the 1980s when his reporting about a vote-buying scheme in Western North Carolina angered local authorities and triggered a grand jury investigation. Sean lives with his wife and daughter in Maplewood, New Jersey.
Devin Kropp


Devin first experienced the shock associated with identity theft as an 11-year-old in 2002. Just before Christmas, hackers stole her father’s debit card information and sold it to a thief in Spain, who drained several thousand dollars from the account. As a millennial, she’s a digital native. She started computer classes in elementary school, received her first PC in the fifth grade, and participated in one of the nation’s first e-learning experiments equipping students with laptops. Devin is a graduate of Binghamton University (SUNY) where she studied English and journalism, and played wing and scrum-half for the Women’s Rugby Club. She joined Horsesmouth in 2013 as an associate editor. Devin lives in Manhattan.






Stick Man

Want to arrange for Sean and Devin to teach the New Cybersecurity Rules to your conference, organization, or company? Their Savvy Cybersecurity program is a fun, engaging, and interactive presentation that will quickly boost an audience’s online security and set them up to stay secure. Want to train professionals in your firm or association to spot malware, avoid identity theft, and foil hackers? Sean and Devin will teach professionals to present their Hack-Proof ideas to colleagues, community organizations, schools, and any group in need of cybersecurity guidance.

Sean and Devin are also available for radio, podcast, TV, blog, newspaper, or magazine interviews. They can talk about the latest cybersecurity news and connect the headlines with the core principless of smart, effective cybersecurity.

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